Power ReviewsAfter minor wailing and gnashing of teeth, we’re finally live with Power Reviews Express and we couldn’t be more excited (Ok a long vacation would do the trick) but we are very excited to have this implemented. In a nutshell the on-site product review world is fraught with dupes, fakes, irrelevant rants and sadly, outright fraud. The reviews you see on some sites could be the merchant themselves, a competitor or a third uncle with an axe to grind.

Using a third party service to handle our on-site reviews adds credible, verified reviews from our customers but most importantly distinguishes between reviewers and those who actually own the product being reviewed. Take this review for example; “Beach Mom” is a verified buyer, meaning she received her review request as a direct result of purchasing that product from us.

Non-verified buyers are simply identified as verified reviewers. Verified reviewers are still more credible than anonymous commenter’s but for the ultimate “from the horses mouth” credibility keep an eye out for the reviews tagged by verified buyers. If you have any questions about the review process or questions in general please feel free to contact us anytime.

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