LED lights are one of the hottest trends in lighting right now. This is due in part to the fact that they save you a lot of money over time since they are highly energy-efficient and last for nearly a decade. However, some people are wary of purchasing LED lights because of the fact that their initial cost is higher than that of traditional bulbs. Luckily, there are things that you can do to save money when buying LED lights.

First of all, there’s some good news about LED light fixtures. Their cost is coming down. In the past, LED lights were created on pricey materials (like sapphire). New technological advances in recent years have made it possible to make LED lights with more affordable materials (like silicon). These advances are driven by the increased demand for LED lights in the market. New advances will likely be discovered, driving down the cost of LED lights even more.

Stylish-yet-affordable LED lighting options do already exist. For example, take a look at this LED desk lamp that provides great energy-efficient desk lighting for less than $70. Or double that price and get this great table lamp that has a flat clear glass top which can be used as a table.

One thing that you should know is that the places where you choose to install LED lights can enhance the ability to save money on them. For example, LED lights are a particularly cost-efficient option for outdoor LED  lighting. Lighting and fixtures for the outside of your house tend to be expensive compared to most indoor lighting. LED lights are comparable in price to other outdoor lights. They are often more durable and a better overall choice for outdoor lighting as well.

LED lights are also a great cost-efficient choice for areas of the home that need single-direction lighting. For example, do you have kitchen lighting that is recessed and points downward? Many people do because this directs light specifically to areas where you might be cutting food and need a lot of light. LED lights are naturally single-directional. Other lights are not. This means you need fewer lights and smaller fixtures for areas such as this.

LED light bulbs do tend to cost a lot more initially than other bulbs. You’re looking at a cost of approximately $50 per bulb compared to the few dollars you’d spend on a fluorescent bulb or even a CFL bulb. However, they will save you more in the end. They last longer. They use less energy. They are less prone to breakage. And they come with a warranty. Get a good deal on your lights now and you’ll really save with LED lights over their lifetime in your home.

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