Have you ever seen photos of celebrities in their homes? They always look stunning, don’t they? Of course, some of this has to do with their high-quality photographers, stylists and photo editing experts. But there’s often something more that helps famous people look great in their own houses. That something more is the lighting of the space.

The lighting in a room can make or break how well you look. Great lighting is flattering for the skin, sets the right mood and makes you look like you constantly have a casual glow as you go about your daily business. You don’t have to be a celebrity with an array of interior designers at your disposal to choose home lighting that flatters you. In fact, you merely need to follow a few basic rules to get the most flattering light for your home.

Rule #1: Avoid harsh overhead lighting.

The number one rule for making sure that the light in your home is flattering at all times is to avoid having harsh overhead lighting. You can make terrific statements with bold chandeliers and extravagant hanging pendant lights. However, it is only the fixtures that should be bold; the light coming from them should be soft. Use low-watt bulbs and dimmer switches to reduce the impact of this type of light.

Rule #2: Combine natural lighting and soft lighting with great light fixtures.

Secondly, you want to make sure that you have different types of soft light coming in to your home at all times. During the day this can be achieved by allowing natural light to filter in through transparent curtains. At night you can use the glow from a fireplace or candles to enhance the light that comes from your light fixtures. These natural and flickering light options help to set a great mood for your space while flattering your natural features.

Rule #3: Light yourself from the side whenever possible.

You will look your best when lights are directed towards you from the side rather than coming straight down on to you or pointed directly at you. This is important to remember when choosing task lighting. For example, when you are seated at your desk, you want to reduce the glow coming from your computer and use side lighting around the desk to illuminate the area.

Rule #4: Switch to LED lights.

You can easily make the existing light fixtures in your home more flattering by changing out your existing bulbs with LED light bulbs. These lights tend to offer a softer color of light that still illuminates the room properly but doesn’t create the harshness that can be unflattering to the eye. This is also an energy-efficient and affordable way to light your home.

Rule #5: Add mirrors.

Adding mirrors to your rooms will reflect the room’s light in an interesting way that generally flatters the people in the room. Additionally, you’ll be able to see yourself to get a sense of whether or not the light that you’re in is currently flattering you. This allows you to make changes as you see fit.

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    The lighting in a room can represent the deciding moment how well you look. Awesome lighting is complimenting for the skin, sets the right inclination and makes you appear as though you always have an easygoing gleam as you go about your every day business.

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