How do you know which lighting is the right lighting to choose for your home? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get personalized product recommendations from professionals in the industry? Now that’s possible in a very easy way. Simply take advantage of the personal lighting shopper feature that is available here on our site.

Benefits of the Personal Shopper Feature

You can use our site’s personal shopper feature to obtain the following benefits:

  • Get personalized recommendations for lighting products from a certified American Lighting Association consultant.
  • Easily sort through the tens of thousands of products on our site to find the ones that are just right for you.
  • Find the lighting fixtures that are within your price range.
  • Ask questions about your lighting options so that you can choose the right fixtures for your home.

How to Use The Personal Shopper Feature

Our site’s personal lighting shopper feature makes it super simple for you to find the right lighting in seven easy steps. Simply go to the personal shopper page and do these things:

1. Choose the type of lighting fixture that you are seeking. For example, you may want a chandelier or you may be seeking a new table lamp.

2. Select the style that you like best. You may want contemporary lighting or perhaps you’re searching specifically for a Tiffany lamp.

3. Pick the finish that you prefer for your light fixture. Our detailed pictures make it easy to see whether you prefer brushed nickel, polished brass or some other type of light fixture finish.

4. Select the room that the fixture is for. Different fixtures work best in specific rooms so this will help your professional consultant narrow down your options.

5. Choose a budget price range. You probably know about how much you want to spend on lighting so why look at lights that aren’t in that price range?

6. Add any other notes, questions or comments. The point of this feature is that you are getting real advice from a real live professional in the lighting business. Take advantage of this by asking any questions or adding any details that you might have.

7. Enter your name and email address to receive your truly personalized response.

Truly Personalized Lighting Service

We want to stress that this feature isn’t just a search engine that narrows down your choices for you. It’s a truly personalized service through which you are able to work directly with an ALA certified lighting professional. The responses that you enter into the personal shopper page will be reviewed by one of these professionals. The professional will then select the items that best suit your tastes and budget. After the options have been narrowed down, you can actually go through your options one-by-one with your professional advisor using live chat, email or phone.

A Home Makeover Made Easy For You

We have all seen those reality TV home shows where someone with an eye for great décor comes in and makes a home look perfect. Most of us have wished that we could be featured on those shows. We just love the idea of an easy home makeover done by a professional. The personal shopper feature makes this dream a reality in many ways. It lets you provide an idea of what you’re looking for in lighting and then get a professional’s opinion about the right fixtures for you. This feature is simple to use so start taking advantage of it right away!

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