Franburg Moderne ChandelierLighting is something that is made all over the world. In fact, many of the best light fixture designs come from amazing exotic locations. That said it is important to try to buy American-made products as often as possible. Luckily options are beginning to really open up for people who want terrific American-made lights.

Why Buy American?

Buying products that are produced in America helps to improve the American economy. Unemployment is still shockingly high. If we choose to support businesses that employ people in United States factories in stores then we are effectively supporting local jobs.

Additional reasons to buy American include:

  • It supports American working standards. There are laws here (such as child labor laws) that do not necessarily exist in other countries. Buying American made products supports those working standards.
  • Buying American often means supporting green efforts. There are environmental standards for the factories here that aren’t always in place in other places. This is important when it comes to lighting as more and more consumers seek to be greener in their own lighting usage.
  • Sometimes American lighting may be less expensive than other options. This is due to reduced shipping costs although it does vary depending on many other factors.

Options for American-Made Lighting

You may be ready to consider buying American-made lighting but just don’t know where to start. Some of the top lighting choices right now in this category include:

  • Lighting by Framburg. All of the varied lighting products from Framburg come directly out of their Illinois factory. This company is a standout example of an American lighting company since it has been making American-made lighting for over one hundred years!
  • Fine Art Lamps. This company isn’t quite as old as Framburg but they have been making lighting in America for more than six decades. Many of their products are inspired by Old World European designs. This means you can get the foreign flavor that you’re seeking while still supporting an American company.
  • Sea Gull Lighting. Sea Gull opened a store in Philadelphia during the First World War had expanded to other locations throughout the United States. The products in its American Lighting Catalog meet all of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act requirements for buying American.

A brief glance at the websites for these different products reveals that there is a lot of variety available even within the small niche of American made lighting. It is possible to find a style and item that suits your home’s design without going out of the country for it.

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