An unfortunately large number of consumers are under the mistaken impression that ceiling fans are not items that product designers spend time creating in a fashionable style. In fact, hot green site Treehugger recently posted an article actually calling all ceiling fans “fugly”. The post’s author says that even though ceiling fans are great for their affordable house cooling effects, they are almost all aesthetically unappealing in terms of design. We disagree. We have seen many terrific ceiling fans with modern gorgeous designs that would fit right into any number of twenty first century homes.

Here are seven ceiling fans we love, each from a different brand and in a different style.

1. Fanimation FP2120WA Enigma Metro Gray/Walnut Ceiling Fan. If the contemporary gray finish combined with the attractive walnut blade on this ceiling fan doesn’t make you swoon then perhaps what you’ll be attracted to is the unique design of a single-blade fan. Don’t let that one blade fool you, though; this is a fully functional ceiling fan that offers three speeds operated by remote control.

2. Casablanca’s 86U89M Wilderness Textured Matte Black Unipack Ceiling Fan. If you want to keep things simple with this great ceiling fan then you’ll just enjoy the lovely decoration of its five wooden blades ensconced in textured matte black blade holders that look like gorgeous wrought iron. If you want to dress things up, you’ll add on the removable silhouette display of trees and animals to create glowing warmth for the room the fan is in.

3. Justice Design’s KID-6305 Kid’s Room Cow Over Moon 14″ Fan Light Kit. Can a ceiling fan have a modern design that is young and fresh enough to be suitable in a child’s room? Justice Design thinks so and this ceiling fan is a great example of how right they are. The “cow jumping over the moon” theme that plays around the light on the fan is a great design for kids to fall asleep looking at. They are able to do that in part because of the cool glow in the dark features included on the white swirl glass of this creative ceiling fan. How fun – and definitely not fugly!

4. Maxim’s 89930SN Super-Max Fan. The reversible wooden blades of this contemporary ceiling fan are covered in brushed nickel to create a metal appearance that is absolutely modern. Because the blades are fairly thin and in a standard shape, this ceiling fan can easily look great in a modern room without demanding to be the center of attention. It is remote control adaptable and there are optional light kits available for this ceiling fan so you can personalize it to suit your needs. That’s something important to most homeowners today.

5. Kichler’s 320102ADC Crystal Bay 52″ Adobe Cream Outdoor Ceiling Fan. The intricate design of the leaf-shaped blades on this outdoor ceiling fan will add beauty to any space. The adobe cream finish is particularly impressive since it differs from the standard color scheme of most ceiling fans but it’s worth noting that there are other finish options for people who want a slightly different effect from this same terrific design.

6. Meyda’s 81504 Wild Horses 3 Light Fan Light. You will have to look twice to see that this item is a ceiling fan and not a carousel adorning the upper level of your home. Instead of the traditional shape of separate blades, this fan is a full circle atop which sits a gorgeous bronze display of wild horses galloping around and around the room.

7. Minka Aire’s F531-L-BN/MG Flyte Ceiling Fan. One way that great light designers create unique designs is to play around with the sense of proportion for a product. In the case of this ceiling fan, the neck of the fan is elongated so that you are drawn more to that part of the design than to the three blades that protrude from it. The effect is dramatic and lovely.

Treehugger says that there are typically two types of ceiling fans in the market: “fake, retro country antique” (whatever that means!) and “ultra-modern space age minimalism”. After looking at our roundup, do you agree with Treehugger or with us? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Richard says:

    Certainly all aren't ugly, but there are a few stinkers in every bunch. It seems like ceiling fans even more than lighting boil down to personal taste.

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