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Kichler Ceiling Fan

Happy Ceiling Fan day! Today is the day we celebrate the invention and continuing innovation of what has become the staple for energy efficient cooling in today’s home.

Here are some fun facts about the ceiling fan:

  • By installing just one ceiling fan in your home and bumping the thermostat up a few degrees, you can save hundreds on yearly energy costs.
  • Ceiling fans aren’t just used for cooling either. With a simple flip of a switch, you can circulate warmer air down and bring cooler air up.
  • The first ceiling fan was created in the 1880’s and was steam powered. The electric version was created some years later with the same motor technology used in a sewing machine.
  • Ceiling fans use on average about 30 watts per day on medium speed, whereas the standard AC unit uses about 5,000 watts per day.

Help us celebrate energy conservation today by turning the AC off and flipping that ceiling fan, pedestal fan or desk fan on. In need of a new ceiling fan? Check out our large selection of ceiling fans from Kichler, Minka Aire, Fanimation, and Hunter Fans today.

An unfortunately large number of consumers are under the mistaken impression that ceiling fans are not items that product designers spend time creating in a fashionable style. In fact, hot green site Treehugger recently posted an article actually calling all ceiling fans “fugly”. The post’s author says that even though ceiling fans are great for their affordable house cooling effects, they are almost all aesthetically unappealing in terms of design. We disagree. We have seen many terrific ceiling fans with modern gorgeous designs that would fit right into any number of twenty first century homes.

Here are seven ceiling fans we love, each from a different brand and in a different style.

1. Fanimation FP4620PN Zonix 54″ Polished Nickel Ceiling Fan. If the contemporary polished nickel finish combined with the attractive walnut blades on this ceiling fan doesn’t make you swoon then perhaps what you’ll be attracted to is the crisp modern design of a three-blade fan. Don’t let the sophisticated style fool you, though; this is a fully functional ceiling fan that offers three speeds operated by wall control.

2. Casablanca’s 86U89M Wilderness Textured Matte Black Unipack Ceiling Fan. If you want to keep things simple with this great ceiling fan then you’ll just enjoy the lovely decoration of its five wooden blades ensconced in textured matte black blade holders that look like gorgeous wrought iron. If you want to dress things up, you’ll add on the removable silhouette display of trees and animals to create glowing warmth for the room the fan is in.

3. Justice Design’s KID-6305 Kid’s Room Cow Over Moon 14″ Fan Light Kit. Can a ceiling fan have a modern design that is young and fresh enough to be suitable in a child’s room? Justice Design thinks so and this ceiling fan light kit is a great example of how right they are. The “cow jumping over the moon” theme that plays around the fan light kit is a great design for kids to fall asleep looking at. They are able to do that in part because of the cool glow in the dark features included on the white swirl glass of this creative ceiling fan light kit. How fun – and definitely not fugly!

4. Maxim’s 89930SN Super-Max Fan. The reversible wooden blades of this contemporary ceiling fan are covered in brushed nickel to create a metal appearance that is absolutely modern. Because the blades are fairly thin and in a standard shape, this ceiling fan can easily look great in a modern room without demanding to be the center of attention. It is remote control adaptable and there are optional light kits available for this ceiling fan so you can personalize it to suit your needs. That’s something important to most homeowners today.

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Fanimation FP7900MG-2TDo you want to make a simple change to your home then will have a huge impact on it in multiple ways? Think ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are beautiful lighting options that serve the function of moving air throughout your homes. The right ceiling fan can have a stunning effect on the décor of your home. Perhaps more importantly, it can save you money on your energy bills regardless of what the weather might be outside.

Most of us use our ceiling fans only in the warmest months of the year. They are certainly ideal at this time. Summer heat urges us to open our windows and let in that bit of breeze. Ceiling fans help to move that breeze around our homes so that we can cool off with fresh air even in the stickiest of months. In comparison to air conditioning and other home cooling options, this is a very low-cost way to keep cool during the summer months. Plus it saves energy and we all like being green!

Ceiling fans aren’t just energy-saving devices in the summer months, however. They are actually useful in the winter as well. They circulate heat in the home during the colder months of the year. As we all know, heat rises. You don’t want your heat to stay trapped near the ceiling because then you’ll have to keep utilizing more energy to feel warm inside the house. A good ceiling fan will send that warm air throughout the house, keeping your energy costs low.

The best ceiling fans have built-in lighting that will facilitate even more energy savings in the home. You want to choose a ceiling fan that can be turned on separately from the lights. This way you can have the lights, the fan or both on as needed. A ceiling fan that has dimmable lights allows you to choose the least energy-wasting light level that you need at any given time. Likewise, a ceiling fan that has multiple fan settings will allow you to limit energy use even when the fan is active. And a ceiling fan that uses CFL bulbs or LEDs will provide you with ongoing energy savings throughout the year.

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Ceiling fanCeiling fans have come a long, long way since they were first invented in the late 1800s. Although they’ve been around for well over a century, it took the energy crisis of the 1970s to make them popular with homeowners. But despite their contribution to year-round energy-efficiency, what they lacked in looks made them an unpopular choice among interior designers.

Today, however, things have changed. Ceiling fan design has improved in leaps and bounds over the last decade, and today’s fans not only function more efficiently than ever, they also come in a wide range of designs and finishes to match almost any décor, making them a must-have item in warmer climates where cooling bills tend to run high. Even in cooler climates, they’re catching on, thanks not only to their newfound aesthetic value, but also to their ability to reduce heating bills by up to ten percent by preventing warm air from pooling uselessly on the ceiling.

How do you know which ceiling fan is right for you? There are a few things you should consider before purchasing ceiling fans for your home. One of those things is quality. Although you can find inexpensive fans, they tend to shake and make a lot of noise at high speeds, and their fan blades are more prone to warping over time, lessening their efficiency. It’s worth it to make room in the budget for a quality fan with solid construction, self-cooling motors and balanced blades. Some top of the line fans even have built-in air filters that improve the quality of the air that they circulate. That sure beats trying to sleep under a noisy, rickety fan that shakes so much you lose sleep worrying how well it’s bolted to the ceiling.

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