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There are some people who enjoy very simple lighting with a few easy curved lines. Then there are those of us who prefer detailed, intricate geometric designs. If you fall into the latter category (or are just looking for something truly distinct in lighting) then you absolutely have to check out the Schonbek Geometrix line of lights. Covered in gorgeous Swarovski crystals, these high-tech light fixtures decorate the home much like great jewelry decorates the body.

More than just great lines

The most outstanding immediate feature of the Geometrix lights is the cool geometric lines and patterns that make up the designs. This isn’t just about triangles and rectangles. You’ll find spirals, pyramids, pentahedrons, spheres and more.

However, it’s not just the great geometric patterns that make this line of lights so amazing. There are many neat high-tech design features including:

  • Distinct pairing of lighting with STRASS Swarovski crystals, an effect that actually change the way that the light interacts with the space in the home
  • Combination of halogen, xenon and LED lighting
  • Lights with colors that put on light shows in your home
  • Chandelier models that can be washed in your dishwasher!

Top Geometrix by Schonbek products

Let’s take a closer look at some of the leading products in this amazing line:

  • Compact DaVinci LED Chandelier. The DaVinci chandeliers are all pretty impressive. They’re decorated with an abundance of luminescent Swarovski crystals. They range in diameter from ten inches to two feet. And yet, these massive balls of incredible light can be taken apart and washed safely in the dishwasher. The LED chandelier in this line takes it to a whole new level. It uses energy-efficient LED lighting in 10, 12 and 15-inch chandeliers that can be hung individually or grouped together for a neat constellation effect. The LED lights can be programmed to show off different colors. Great for parties and creating different moods in the home! And yes, it’s still dishwasher safe.

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What could be better than a beautiful chandelier? How about a beautiful chandelier that is designed specifically to benefit a great cause? Crystorama, a manufacturer of amazing lighting products, really wowed customers when they created a terrific light fixture specifically to benefit the families of children with cancer.

About Crystorama

When Crystorama was founded in Brooklyn in the 1950’s, the main function of the company was the import of stunning crystal chandeliers from exotic destinations. Over the years, Crystorama has grown to source the best crystals from around the world, which are then used to create their unique lighting products. Their goal is to create interior decorative lighting that exceeds industry “standards for innovative styles, value, service, and valued relationships”.

About Crystorama Products

Crystorama describes its own products as “tomorrow’s antiques”, a term that really fits what they create. The elaborate chandeliers from this company are made using traditional designs, antique molds and specialized craftsmanship. The result is that there is a traditional, vintage look to Crystorama’s chandeliers. The high-quality lights are certainly suitable to modern spaces but they bring in that mysterious element from the past.

How Crystorama is Helping the Embrace Kids Foundation

Crystorama teamed up with Swarovski crystal to create a brand new chandelier. The fixture is part of their Brentwood line of products. The popular product is a gorgeous chandelier that can improve the interior design of many different types of spaces. How does this help kids with cancer? Each time that someone purchases this charity chandelier design, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Embrace Kids Foundation.

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How do you know which lighting is the right lighting to choose for your home? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get personalized product recommendations from professionals in the industry? Now that’s possible in a very easy way. Simply take advantage of the personal lighting shopper feature that is available here on our site.

Benefits of the Personal Shopper Feature

You can use our site’s personal shopper feature to obtain the following benefits:

  • Get personalized recommendations for lighting products from a certified American Lighting Association consultant.
  • Easily sort through the tens of thousands of products on our site to find the ones that are just right for you.
  • Find the lighting fixtures that are within your price range.
  • Ask questions about your lighting options so that you can choose the right fixtures for your home.

How to Use The Personal Shopper Feature

Our site’s personal lighting shopper feature makes it super simple for you to find the right lighting in seven easy steps. Simply go to the personal shopper page and do these things:

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BBQ LightOne of the most wonderful things about summertime is that the sunlight stays out longer for us to enjoy it. That’s one of the reasons that summer barbecues are so popular. You can start dinner outside in the evening and still have plenty of time left to enjoy it before the sun goes down. If your barbecue is a good one, though, the party will still be going as the fireflies begin to come out. You don’t want to have to end a great barbecue just because the hour is getting late. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have good outdoor lighting for summer.

The first thing that you will want to do is to consider updating your outdoor lighting to suit both the mood of a barbecue and the style of your home. Some great summer options for updating outdoor lighting include:

  • Outdoor hanging lanterns. These lanterns will beautifully light up your outdoor seating area all year long. They add a gorgeous glow that enhances the spirited mood of your barbecue.
  • Pathway lights. You don’t want the latecomers to the barbecue to trip over themselves when they arrive. You also don’t want to shock them with your usual bright outdoor lights. Add some modern, fashionable pathway lights to the arrival area for your guests.
  • Deck lights. If you have an outdoor deck for your summer barbecue then small LED deck lights are a must-have. They provide an energy-efficient way to keep the area safely lit without making it too bright for you to enjoy.

In addition to these more permanent changes, you will want to get some temporary outdoor lighting just for your summer barbecues. Top choices for temporary lighting include:

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently announced that there will be a new labeling system for all light bulbs that will start appearing on packaging in approximately one year. This new system is designed to make it simpler for consumers to understand the different types of light bulb options that are available to them. This is terrific since we are seeing an increasingly broad range of different lights with their own benefits and drawbacks. However, you do have to be able to understand what you’re reading on the labels or the information won’t be of much use to you. This guide should help you to get a solid grasp on that important information.

Basics About the New Labeling

The new labeling will help you to better understand the options that you have for buying light bulbs. The labeling will appear on traditional incandescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs and the increasingly popular LED light bulbs. These bulbs all have their pros and cons; being able to read the labels accurately will allow you to choose the right bulbs for each of the different light fixtures in your home. The new labeling will include front-of-package labeling with information about brightness and cost of the bulbs as well as in-depth back-of-package labeling (described below).

Why It Matters That You Choose the Right Light Bulbs

If you select the best light bulb for each of your home lighting needs then you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Save money. Cheaper light bulbs are appropriate in some places in the home. Longer-lasting light bulbs that save more money over time are appropriate in other places. Choosing the best bulb for each fixture allows you to save the most money on your lighting.
  • Save energy. Selecting the most energy-efficient light bulbs for your home will allow you to conserve energy. This green action can further save you money on your electricity bills.
  • Obtain ideal lighting. The right light bulbs will provide high-quality lighting for your home, making it more comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing.

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Holophane is one of the strongest names in the history of lighting. Established in 1898, Holophane is one of the only lighting manufacturers that dates back to the nineteenth century and yet is still relevant to home design today. The company is widely known because of the fact that it makes residential, commercial, industrial and even emergency lighting. The company even provided important lighting contributions to the war effort during World War II! Of course, it’s their residential lighting that will likely interest you the most.

What makes this company stand out is a product called Endural. This is their trademarked name for a specific type of borosilicate glass reflector that is used in all of their lighting. This type of glass stands out because it provides a unique combination of both upwards-shooting lighting and downwards-shooting light. The result is a steady stream of even light coming from the Holophane light fixtures. Those ugly dark spots that you sometimes experience with household lighting aren’t present when this technology is used.

Although the Endural name is trademarked, there are many different lighting companies that now use this two-directional style of lighting. In fact, whenever you see lighting fixtures that are designed to create vintage light, it is very likely that you are seeing lighting that’s been inspired by this historic brand. The vintage look adds to the ambiance of your home by giving it a very classic decorative style. For example, a Halophane aged bronze pendant light uses both the vintage lighting and the historic bronze detailing to evoke a strong sense of décor from a bygone era.

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Lite Source ChandelierWe’ve recently added Lite Source, Inc. to the Lighting By Lux family. With their vast array of fashion-forward lighting, Light Source shines in their commitment to bring you affordable style and quality. Their diverse range of styles includes everything from whimsical kid’s lighting, to the classical elegance of a crystal chandelier, showcasing both ends of the company’s full spectrum of lighting options.

In addition to transitional and contemporary interior lamps, Lite Source also offers unique gifts, furniture and home decor. Their collection of novelty and art glass lighting is not to be beat, with options ranging from this beautiful Pepita Aqua Glass Table Lamp, an elegant addition to any side table, to this retro inspired Accent Lamp that would look great spicing up a dorm room. Read the rest of this entry »

Childs LampOne of the most wonderful things about childhood is the sense of magic that is present during the early years of life. Interestingly, this is the same thing that can be so wonderful about great lighting. The perfect lighting creates a mood for a room that is based in fantasy, elegance and magic. Choosing the right lighting for a child’s room can really bring that sense of magic to its pinnacle.

Decorative pendant lights or chandeliers in a child’s bedroom can add to the sense of fantasy that the rest of the room’s décor presents. For example, many boys’ rooms are decorated with their favorite modes of transportation. Trains, planes and ships are all favorite forms of transit for young kids. They love the magic of flying or boating somewhere. Pendant lights shaped like these modes of transportation can add to the sense of wonder in their rooms. For example, the novelty biplane chandelier or the boat chandelier from ELK Lighting bring a sense of rugged whimsy to the room.

Modes of transportation aren’t your only option for great lighting in a kids’ room. Hobbies, sports, animals and images relating to space exploration are all things that make for great decorative lighting. They challenge a child’s imagination and evoke a sense of wonder throughout the room. These lights can stand alone as a major centerpiece for the room’s design. Alternatively, they can work with the wallpaper, stuffed animals and furniture to show off a child’s passionate interests.

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elk nestor mini pendantWhenever we add new products to the site I like to go through all the items and pick out my favorites, it helps me get a better feel for the new introductions and make recommendations later on. We just finished adding Elk’s 2010 lineup to the site and I wanted to share a few of my favorites here with you.

There are a lot of things to love in the 2010 lineup from ELK but one of the very first things to catch my eye was the Nestor 1 Light Pendant (shown left). I love the blend of chrome and the abstract pattern, a few of these above a counter top or kitchen island would really add a unique touch to the room.

Another white hot trend is drum shades, drums in just about any size shape or color are everywhere. Combine the drum trend with another hot trend, textured fabric and you have the ELK Fabrique drum pendant collection. These are gorgeous over a kitchen table or just about any table for that matter. Fabric drums weren’t the only trend ELK Lighting addressed this go round, there was even a chrome drum pendant that caught my eye as well.

Of course, we can’t forget about the swing arms. Swing arm wall and floor lamps are everywhere this year and for good reason, they’re functional and classically stylish at the same time. The ELK Lighting Elysburg Swingarm Sconce comes to mind as well as the Lanza Swing Arm Sconce, but I think my favorite is the black chrome swing arm. I just love the transparent outer black fabric shade on the black chrome body.

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Bedrooms are our refuge from the world, a safe place to get away from the day’s hassles, a sanctuary for rest and romance. Bedroom lighting can go a long way toward creating this feeling of safe haven. The right lighting can even help our brains switch gears from dealing with a busy day to preparing for sleep.

The best bedroom lighting is heavy on soft, ambient light that creates a warm and cozy feeling while casting a flattering glow on you and your partner. This sort of lighting is best achieved with a few lamps with warm, low- to medium wattage bulbs placed around the room. If you have a flushed center ceiling light, consider switching it out for an indirectly-hung pendant light that can do a better job of bouncing fill light off of the walls and ceiling.

If you have a high or sloped ceiling, you can create more fill light by adding wall sconces to fill the dead space above the door line. This can also be achieved by hiding uplighting on top of tall pieces of furniture, such as an armoire, to bounce light off of the ceiling. Washing a closet door with downlighting is another way to bring in fill light and enliven dead space.

Task lighting is also an important consideration in a bedroom. Whether you read in bed or in a nearby chair, use a table lamp, a wall-mounted swing-arm lamp or a pendant lamp suspended above the nightstand, the guidelines are the same: opt for an opaque shade that directs light downward. The bottom of the shade should hit just above the shoulder — high enough to illuminate the work space and low enough to keep the light out of your (or your partner’s) eyes. Another option is to install adjustable recessed lights in the ceiling over the bed, with dimmer controls within easy reach of each side of the bed. Such directed, focused light allows you to read without disturbing your partner’s sleep.

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