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Q. Why use low voltage halogen recessed lighting?
A. Low voltage halogen recessed fixtures provide a high-quality, powerful light source with a small aperture trim. This allows the end user to achieve a more aesthetically appealing ceiling line while offering a number of illumination environments. In many cases, low voltage halogen also provides energy savings.

Q. Can low voltage halogen recessed lighting be used for general area lighting?
A. Absolutely. In today’s typical 9-foot ceilings, low voltage fixtures are an excellent alternative to the large, obtrusive R30 or R40 incandescent fixtures commonly used in homes. Because miniature low voltage halogen lamps are available in a variety of beam spreads and wattages, you can illuminate any room, no matter the size, with greater flexibility and design.

Q. What should home owners look for when shopping for low voltage recessed lighting?
A. Numerous options are available when considering low voltage recessed lighting. Seek out a vendor with strong product knowledge who will be able to assist in suggesting the best product for the desired result. It is important always to consider a manufacturer that offers high-quality construction, ease of installation, extended warranties and a wide variety of trim finishes to match the desired decor and application.

Q. What about reliability?
A. It is very important to look into the reliability and quality of construction when considering low voltage recessed halogen fixtures. Cutting corners can become very expensive and frustrating down the road. Things to look for are extended warranties on electrical parts, such as transformers and sockets. This is an indication that the manufacturers stand behind their products. The quality of materials used in the construction of trims and housings as well as the design of moving parts will also be an indication if headaches are around the corner. Stick to reputable and long-established manufacturers.

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