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Holophane is one of the strongest names in the history of lighting. Established in 1898, Holophane is one of the only lighting manufacturers that dates back to the nineteenth century and yet is still relevant to home design today. The company is widely known because of the fact that it makes residential, commercial, industrial and even emergency lighting. The company even provided important lighting contributions to the war effort during World War II! Of course, it’s their residential lighting that will likely interest you the most.

What makes this company stand out is a product called Endural. This is their trademarked name for a specific type of borosilicate glass reflector that is used in all of their lighting. This type of glass stands out because it provides a unique combination of both upwards-shooting lighting and downwards-shooting light. The result is a steady stream of even light coming from the Holophane light fixtures. Those ugly dark spots that you sometimes experience with household lighting aren’t present when this technology is used.

Although the Endural name is trademarked, there are many different lighting companies that now use this two-directional style of lighting. In fact, whenever you see lighting fixtures that are designed to create vintage light, it is very likely that you are seeing lighting that’s been inspired by this historic brand. The vintage look adds to the ambiance of your home by giving it a very classic decorative style. For example, a Halophane aged bronze pendant light uses both the vintage lighting and the historic bronze detailing to evoke a strong sense of décor from a bygone era.

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