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Have you ever found yourself rummaging through your kitchen cabinets and drawers wishing you had just a little more light? What a nuisance! Yet, it’s fairly easy to update your cabinets with the proper lighting to make this problem go away once and for all. Undercabinet lighting is designed to illuminate work surfaces from above, which reduces shadows so that you can easily see what you’re doing on top of a counter, in a cabinet, or other work spaces.

Having trouble deciding what type of undercabinet lighting is right for you? This guide provides you with insight into our top under cabinet lighting recommendations and the reasons that we recommend these particular models.

Our “Value” Recommendation in Under Cabinet Lighting


If you are looking for quality under cabinet lighting on a budget then we recommend the Maxim Lighting CounterMax 120 Volt Direct Wire Xenon Under Cabinet lights. The affordable 87831 series comes in either a white or bronze finish and is available in a variety of different sizes to suit your specific needs. Unlike some other similarly priced products, the Maxim CounterMax series comes with the Xenon bulbs so you won’t have to run to the store to try to find the right light bulbs for your new under cabinet lighting. Most importantly, this is a direct wire 120 volt option that makes it one of the easiest types of undercabinet lighting for anyone to install.



Kichler Under CabinetOur Mid-Range Recommendation in Undercabinet Lighting

Not looking for the ultimate  in under cabinet lighting but still want a little more than the value option? We have just the thing for you. While there are many mid-range undercabinet options we recommend the Kichler Series I TaskWork Modular 12 Volt Xenon. This is a 12 volt undercabinet lighting system with a built-in electronic transformer that uses Xenon bulbs, which are included with the purchase. You can use these lights individually, interconnected with cables or snapped together, providing you with numerous configurations to create the perfect under cabinet lighting design for your home.


Each of the individual fixtures has its own Hi-Low, On-Off switch and there is also a Master Switch Option that allows you to turn the lights on and off together as a unit. This means that you can use the undercabinet lights that you need at any given time without wasting lighting in the other areas of the space. There are four sizes to choose from and they come in three different finishes, so there will be a design that easily suits the style of your home.


Kichler 12319NI Design Pro LEDOur Recommendations for Best Undercabinet Lighting

When we’re asked for our “best” under cabinet lighting, the answer is always Kichler’s Design Pro LED Modular & Disc light series. First of all, they’re LED lights which are a terrific option for anyone who wants to enjoy energy-efficient lighting in the home, without sacrificing quality. The LEDs will last for 40,000 or more hours before needing to be replaced and they are included in your purchase. Not only will you save energy (and costs) around the home but you can install them and then forget about them for years on end without worrying about their maintenance.


That isn’t all that makes the Kichler’s Design Pro series the ultimate in under cabinet lighting, though. Other key features of these lights include:

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