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schonbek-crystalBuying a Schonbek chandelier is about more than just buying a pretty light. It’s about buying an elegant item for your home that can serve as a contemporary statement piece as well as an heirloom piece to be passed down to the younger generations in your family. Choosing the right type of crystal is the most important part of selecting the right Schonbek chandelier.

Schonbek offers many different types of crystals in their fixtures. Each one has unique features that embody the essence of a specific historical period in crystal construction. There are four key types of Schonbek crystal that are important to consider when choosing a chandelier.

  • Crystals from Swarovski. Many consider Crystals from Swarovski to be the best quality in the world. Previously referred to as Swarovski Strass or Swarovski ELEMENTS, it’s a flaw-free crystal manufactured in the Austrian Alps. Crystals by Swarovski are produced according to the innovative, lead-free Advanced Crystal standard. It is machine-cut with absolute precision and coated with an invisible coating which makes it easy to clean so you can retain the amazing sparkle and prismatic illumination. Look for the ‘Crystals from Swarovski’ seal as a certificate of authenticity for crystal lighting fixtures made with genuine Swarovski crystals.
  • Spectra Crystal. This is another option that gives you the brilliance and high quality of the Swarovski name. Schonbek chandeliers featuring Spectra crystal sparkle brilliantly in the light. However, they are slightly more affordable than some of the other Schonbek crystal options, which makes them particularly appealing to many buyers.
  • Heritage Crystal. This type of crystal is featured in many of our most popular Schonbek lighting fixtures (such as the Schonbek Sterling 6 Light Chandelier). It’s a heirloom quality hand-cut crystal with industry standard purity, faceting and polishing which allows for the amazing refractive quality in this budget friendly crystal.

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